Challenger MT 685D V 1.0


Controlled IC
Real beam activation
Cab suspension
Moving pedals and levers
Amortization sounds animation
Leaves the track
Realistic smoke
Dusting animation
Wriggle bridge
Hydraulics animation
New panel animation
Tillage modes
Realistic sound transmission
Hand animation
Interactive webcam
Mirror image shows
Walks all cylinders
Running a speedometer

Author: Giedrius


Truck KAMAZ-6530 v2.5

KAMAZ-6530 v2

Mod KamAZ-6530 in the course of the movement shows the dust and leaves traces of the tread is not spoiled. Truck body has a capacity of 35,000 liters., Carries in it the standard culture. She has a tow hitch and lighting fixtures. Opening doors and hood, cab tilts and unloading body on three sides.


3D Models / Textury: Lexan .KR1D.V1RUS. BrUISeR.
Body: Mr.Angelo. Rs.Bandit.
Edit Models: sanya1970.
Edit in FS15: irakls.
Mod made: irakls.