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Description: Snowman v 1.0 Placeable Repositionable snowman to decorate your card. Requires patch 2.0 Credits: Ursus1234 Download: Snowman v 1.0 Placeable [] Download: Snowman v 1.0 Placeable []

Description: In the mountains because now begins the winter, you can click on this map the streets of the Alpine village of snow free. This is still on a voluntary basis. There are about every 3 days of snow. The rest of the map consists of a fictitious hilly area where you can pursue your […]

Description: Credits: erbaut von jerrico Download: Hauer snow plow snow plow v 1 [] Download: Hauer snow plow snow plow v 1 []

Description: Für alle die neben der Farmarbeit auch noch Schnee räumen wollen. Dazu gibt es jetzt in den Bergen ein kleines Dorf wo ihr die Strassen vom Schnee befreien müsst ! Wichtig wenn ihr mit dem Schneepflug räumt müsst ihr auch den Streuer einschalten damit der Schnee wiederkommt. Als Schnee wurden die Zuckerrüben umgebaut, alle […]

Description: Hi all, Today, I add you to my prior snowmod! He is currently still in beta phase, and is thus not fully developed yet. It includes the following functions: New map (redesigned) Snow Slide possible In this pack include: -A sign for the trek Statement Next versions will follow. The mod is fully capable […]

Description: Hi all! Today i present you my first mod, The Renault 110-54. Functions: – Openable Doors ( Left, Right) – Back window openable – Fronthef Shop price: – 15.000 $ Daily Upkeep: – 80 $ Have Fun! You can always contact me via: – E-mail= !!!(E-mail isn’t checked daily)!!! !!You may not apply […]


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