Courseplay v 3.41


Courseplay v 3.41 rus

Courseplay is a tool for machines having to perform many different tasks for you. Those who default helper AI can not do. For example , Courseplay ideal for unloading plant , driving the chaff from the helicopter on the farm or BGA. Courseplay was developed constantly over the past three years. By now, you can even click bale hay collect , cultivate , fertilize or seed plots , mowing grass or empty your BGA silo.

Changes in version 3.41
Drivers will recognize the Council triggers again ( and not ignore them after the 3rd , 4th pass . Includes performance enhancement in finding the tip triggers.
Trucks with their own capabilities transport fruit now upload correctly.
Fieldwork Mode: Support Ursus Z- 586 round rolling of giants.
If ESLimiter, ThreshingCounter or mileage Huds positioned on top of / under Courseplay HUD, they will now be hidden when Courseplay HUD opened.
Combined Mode: drivers will no longer deflect upon unloading plant.
Support nonarticulated wheel loaders : they will no longer turn .

– Lautschreier (Grundversion / base version)
– Hummel
– Wolverin0815 (Feldarbeitsmodus, HUD, … / fieldwork mode, hud, …)
– Bastian82 (Feldarbeitsmodus, Optimierungen, … / fieldwork mode, optimizations, …)
– Skydancer (Feldkursgenerierung, Güllezubringerunterstützung, … / course generation, liquid manure transfer, …)
– Jakob Tischler (all kinds of unnecessary stuff)
– Thomas Gärtner (Everything. And more … Also, the devil’s work.)


Hummel / Rus: Alexe19

Download: Courseplay v 3.41 []
Download: Courseplay v 3.41 []

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