Multicarowo v 1.0


Multicarowo v 1.0

Multicarowo or reworking of the original of which remained only decomposition roads. Map of medium size, with no unnecessary crap.

Features map:
dynamic texture of the ground,
Electronic weight
gateway and gateway to the “L”
feed-mixer (see details on the approach to komputerka side)
movement of pedestrians, cars, mleczarki
dairy, church, school, town, two lakes
one buying everything in the city
many fields of small and medium-sized czesciowodo buy, with the possibility of remaking the plow in larger
biogas, pigs
one specifically developed farm land varied, additional crops
watering-mod v3
refined PDA (Outside) shows all the statistics, including the number of water and grain for chickens, fixed the error known of my previous maps
manure mod v2 (modified textures)
and many more interesting things.

Requires patch 2.0



Download: Multicarowo v 1.0 []
Download: Multicarowo v 1.0 []

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