controls A,S,W,D keypad 8,5,4,6


Model: FSX Microsoft Script: Sven777b (airplane) Convert to LS 13: Emil Sonesson

Download: Piper (airplane) []
Download: Piper (airplane) []

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  • Wavatar Glimmerman says:

    This is a waste of a download. Once installed and then bought you can not move the vehicle. There is no start for the engine and it does not drive forward like a regular vehicle. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME>

  • Wavatar Callyste says:

    It does work fine actually!

    You need to press the keypad “8″ to increase the engine, “5″ to decrease the power.
    “4″ and “6″ controls the yaw axis, while WSAD keys control pitch and roll!

  • Wavatar BUtter says:

    What download link did you use for this to work?

  • Wavatar Krazy says:

    I dont have a calculator pad thing… or number pad or whatever. How do I change the settings so I can use it? Please comment ASAP! I really wanna start playing this

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