For some time, since I wish for a new clamp, where it is only from a certain level to Durchfahrsilo, I finally built one and textured. The silo can be if you purely tilts the first trailer rear used as Durchfahrsilo.


Price: – LS €
Upkeep: – LS €
Volume: 300 000 liters
Polys: 5.7 k polygons (with all triggers)
Objects in the i3d: 11
Files in rar: 7
File size: 5.42 MB

1x Fahrsilo Diffuse: 4096 × 4096 (when necessary scale)
1x maize Diffuse: 512 × 512
1x silage Plane Diffuse: 256 × 512

Credits: Modell: Fendtfan1
Textur: Fendtfan1
Ingame: Fendtfan1

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Mixing station v 2.3.6 Placeable


Mixing station v 2.3.6 Placeable

In mixing station can be prepared as a feed mixer , animal feed. But in large quantities, since you can fill them with a fully loaded trailer.

Three bins should be filled silage hay ( grass ) and straw ( 50t each) , the hour produces 10 tons fodder mixing tank is full, it adds 100T feed that can pick up a trailer or immediately withdraw the tube over the trough and feed the animals .

There are 3 levels of analog indicators , moreover, the exact levels will be displayed in a cabinet in the certificate.

LED displays :
Flashing red = empty hopper
Flashing Amber = mixing tank full
Green = everything is OK ( foodmixture produced )

So you do not have to constantly go to the control system , there is a message in the form of “Live Ticker”, which displays a message at the top of the screen.

Price: 32499 operating costs € 12 per day .

Changes in version 2.3.4b:
Unloading auger is rotated in different directions, extends in length. In mixing station can be filled already finished foodmixture . Moving version, can also be set via the “GIANTS Editor 5.0.3″ ( instruction format . Pdf archive ) .

Changes in version 2.3.6 :
Bug fixes .

Unzip the archive .

Watch the video .

Requires patch 2.0 and above

Credits: Marhu

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