Trailers for the automatic selection of bales!
wear different kinds of balls!
download key B
unloading key O
Select the type of feed bale key X
choice of where to load bales key Z
And the type most downloads key J (auto and manual)


model: dimanix
texture hoschi97

Download: Schmitz Bale automatic []
Download: Schmitz Bale automatic []

One Response to “Schmitz Bale automatic”

  • Wavatar Danoz74 says:

    Don’t download this mod!
    Great idea, and good whilst using it..

    BUT: a few problems – as per image above, there’s no visible tow hook.. managed to hook it onto a tractor and collect 49 bales.
    Saved game and went to bed.
    Next morning, ALL bales are gone – the trailer empty..

    Again, DON’T download!

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